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At Michael’s Electric Company, Inc., we have provided electrical wiring and rewiring services to customers throughout the tri-state for more than 34 years. Michael D. Hockenberry taught electrical classes for 30 years, for the state of Kentucky. Michael also teaches Master Electrician contractor code CEU classes. Keeping up with the current, (no pun intended) 2020 National Electric Code, and local ordinances. Michael has been a true electrician and instructor.

If your job needs a professional electrical consultant, Michael’s Electric Company, Inc., is the one go-to many families and business have turned to for many years.

Services we provide:

Office Building wiring
Indoor Lighting – LED lighting retrofits
Outdoor Security Lighting LED
Structured Cabling/Telephone, Data/Network, CATV/Video Drops
Troubleshooting Circuits
Outlet and Switch Repairs
Lighting Design
Outdoor Service upgrades modifications
Service Upgrades Conversion
Parking Lot Lighting retrofit to LED

Retail Stores and Malls:
Maintenance and repairs 
Site Lighting Replacements
Service and Maintenance
Electrical Repair and Replacement
Lighting Repair and Upgrades

Single and Multi-family Home Wiring
Remodel and Additions, Basement Finishing
Service Power Panel/New or Upgraded Panel
Meter Relocation/Circuit Tracing and Labeling
Generator Transfer Switch
Spa’s/Tubs/Swimming Pool/Fountain/Pond Aerator
Structured Cabling/Telephone, Data/Network, CATV/Video
Troubleshooting/Fault Diagnosis/Surge Protection

Mobile Home Parks:

Service feeders and inside panels

Street lighting

Duke Energy, Federal building Cincinnati

Vertex Apartment/condo management

Fidelity Investments

Crestview Hills mall:
Learning Express

Carrabba's Italian Restaurant

Dedicated Circuits:
Rather a new computer system or home theater, Michael’s Electric Company, Inc., is prepared to install dedicated isolated grounded circuits to your new electronic equipment. All new electronic devices are very sensitive to Brownouts and magnetic interference .Without going into great detail, the grounding of the system grounded wire which is referred to as the neutral must be intact with solid connections throughout the buildings wiring system.

Hot Tub & Pool Wiring:
The 2020 national electric code is very specific about hot tubs, pools and spas. It is essential that the circuit is installed correctly with proper disconnecting means. Also the wire length is a major factor in larger hot tubs with heater applications. Michael’s Electric Company, Inc. has extensive knowledge and expertise in these applications, please call us for a free estimate.

 Repairing Damaged Wiring:
Do not attempt any repairs on electrical circuitry, unless you are qualified. Call any experienced electrician, if the wire is been damaged beyond repair the experienced electrician will know how to repair it, balance the loads, and protect your home and business from potential hazards. Improperly installed wiring is also a big factor, the corrections must be made according to the national electric code and local building codes.

Network Wiring:
Most commercial buildings today have advanced inner workings of interconnected data wires everywhere. The national electric code is very specific about these low voltage wires which is any voltage under 50 V rather AC or DC voltage. Each system must be maintained and labeled properly and old abandoned wiring must be removed unless it’s labeled or future use. 

                                      Why You Need to Consider an Electrical Upgrade:

Why does Michael’s Electric Company, Inc. recommend you look into upgrading your electrical wiring?

The answer is simple; your family’s safety is important. Faulty wiring and incorrect old wiring can cause significant damage to your home and appliances.
For example, if your home is a bit older and was wired with aluminum (1970-1971) or Copper clad including older knob and tube wiring, you’ll want to upgrade.

Most of today's electronic devices and appliances require specific electrical grounding installations, to further reduce interference and stray voltages.

Before your home or business requires a complete rewire,  Michael’s Electric can take a look and perform a detailed diagnostic report. You might be able to have a partial rewiring done to ensure your home is safer and up to todays insurance standards.

                                       How Upgrades Affect Your Homeowners Insurance Policy:

Another consideration you must make when it comes to an electrical wiring upgrade is your homeowner’s insurance policy. Many tri-state insurance agencies will refuse to issue policies to homeowners living in houses with an excessive amount of knob and tube wiring, including the basement ceiling. Other insurance companies may even refuse to issue homeowners a policy unless the entire wiring system is replaced to completely eliminate knob and tube wiring. In older homes, many times there is knob and tube wiring in the attic. Many homeowners will blow in insulation very thick over these conductors, the insulation value of these cloth covered copper wires is tremendously degraded when covered with installation any knob and tube in the attic must be removed before blown in insulation is installed.

                                                Michael’s Electric Company, Inc. Services:

Our electricians specialize in wiring replacement in older homes with years of specialized experience that allows us to offer homeowners comprehensive knowledge and stellar workmanship in regards to electrical rewiring. The goal at Michael’s Electric Company, Inc. is to increase the safety of your family by rewiring your home in a manner that is most convenient to you. This means rewiring using minimal holes in your home by fishing wire through small holes in various walls followed by wall patching so that your home looks as good as new after your rewiring needs are completed. Electricians at Michael’s Electric Company, Inc. will not make repairs or replacements that are not needed, saving you time, hassle and money.

Michael’s Electric Company, Inc. takes pride in their staff and contractors and their comprehensive electrical knowledge. Superior craftsmanship and an excellent track record for customer satisfaction. Make Michael’s Electric Company, Inc. the first choice for homeowners and business when you suspect electrical rewiring is needed in your older home. In fact, many homeowners will consult with an electrician during the inspection phase of purchasing an older home to see precisely how much work is needed to ensure the home’s wiring system is up-to-date and highly functional. Michael’s Electric Company, Inc.’s services include, but are not limited to, the following:

Residential and Commercial Electrical Wiring
Re-wiring AFCI and GFCI circuits and devices: Upgrading to the 2014 NEC
Electrical Service Cable Replacement
Panel Upgrades
Electric Services and meters
Electrical Repairs
Aluminum Wiring replacement with Copper
Knob & Tube Wiring removal
Electrical Circuits isolated: Computer rooms- home theaters-landscape wiring
Complete Electrical Upgrades
Custom lighting design and installation

Electrical Audits

Electrical Consulting

Electrical wiring problems can cause a lot of damage and loss of functionality to your older home, particularly when it comes to newer appliances and the safety of your family. Additionally, being denied a homeowner’s insurance policy is a hassle as well. Don’t wait to find out if your home needs rewiring until it’s too late. Call Michael’s Electric Company, Inc. today to schedule a consultation with an expert electrician. There is nothing as satisfying as a job well done, except the satisfaction and peace of mind you’ll feel knowing your home is as safe as possible.


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The above is for reference only and is only representative of the many codes and standards currently used in Kentucky. For specific applications not listed above, contact the Department of Housing, Buildings and Construction, Division of Building Codes Enforcement at (502) 573-0373 or refer to Chapter 35 of the KBC.