​​Michael's Electric Company, Inc.

Our electricians specialize in wiring replacement in older homes with years of specialized experience that allows us to offer homeowners comprehensive knowledge and stellar workmanship in regards to electrical rewiring. The goal at Michael’s Electric Company, Inc. is to increase the safety of your family by rewiring your home in a manner that is most convenient to you. This means rewiring using minimal holes in your home by fishing wire through small holes in various walls followed by wall patching so that your home looks as good as new after your rewiring needs are completed. Electricians at Michael’s Electric Company, Inc. will not make repairs or replacements that are not needed, saving you time, hassle and money.

Michael’s Electric Company, Inc. takes pride in their staff and contractors and their comprehensive electrical knowledge. Superior craftsmanship and an excellent track record for customer satisfaction. Make Michael’s Electric Company, Inc. the first choice for homeowners and business when you suspect electrical rewiring is needed in your older home. In fact, many homeowners will consult with an electrician during the inspection phase of purchasing an older home to see precisely how much work is needed to ensure the home’s wiring system is up-to-date and highly functional.